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Move Local Everywhere

Connect with the local community to book rides and tourism experiences with local neighbors.


Movby is built on trust

We require verified information from both owners and users. After a trip, everyone gets a chance to write a review. Reviews keep users accountable for treating owners and their rides with respect.


Much more than money

Besides the extra income, owners join a supportive worldwide community. There are always opportunities to learn from Movby and other owners.


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Nominated TOP 10 as  “Real future game-changer idea”
Accelerated at the Impact Hub Amsterdam
Consulted by Accenture
I rented a bike for a month and the experience was awesome, the owner made me a huuuuge discount and the bike was super nice. Totally recommendable!!!!! 🙂
Eme Srg Love
Great guy, easy to comunicate , friendly and took great care of the boat! really trustful!

thank you.

AldoB Great guy
Such an Awesome experience. I rented a boat for a day and it was wonderful 100% recommendable
QuiqueC Perfect day

[ghozylab-instagram feed=1906]